Sunday, 4 August 2013

DSLR Video Studio Handbook Youtube Trailer

Youtube Channel video for the DSLR Video Studio Handbook, the savvy guide to studio based production using your dslr camera.

This handbook distills the core skills, techniques and equipment to produce HD ready content for the web, online tv, broadcast, cable or satellite outlets, ideal for filmmakers, photographers and web video creators wanting explore dslr film and video production.

The DSLR Video Studio Youtube Channel; will contain updates and essential information found in the handbook. Covering video editing software, camera accessories, studio production and location set ups.

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The content covers essentials from the ideal camera to use, menus and feature requirements , studio setups, production operation, editing workflows and file management.

In addition it includes legal aspects regarding areas of copyright, IP, social media and creative commons reflecting the nature of web activity of users from business to the individual.