Monday, 31 December 2012

DSLR Studio Handbook Print, Kindle and iPad editions

The DSLR Video Studio handbook is the effective and ideal guide to DSLR studio based production. http://DSLRVideoStudio.Com 

DSLR Video Studio Ipad and print edition.

Light's, DSLR Cameras, Action Video Production Book For 2013

The effective and ideal guide to DSLR Video Studio based production with your camera.

The release of the DSLR Video Studio™ handbook comes at a time when affordable HD definition cameras, allows for more cost effective quality media production by record labels, marketing companies and media agencies.

This DSLR handbook distills the core skills, techniques, equipment to produce HD ready content for the web, online tv channels, broadcast, cable or satellite outlets.  Content of the book covers essentials from camera options, studio setups, production operation, editing workflows and file management.

In addition it includes legal aspects regarding areas of copyright, IP, social media and creative commons reflecting the nature of web activity of users from business to individual.
Packed with essential tips, links, bonus material an essential reading reference resource for the bookshelf, educator or trainer in the media field.

Lots to learn and glean from for the photographer, videographer, media production company or hobbyist.

This book is also great for community groups wanting to put together an affordale media production facility for training or creating its own media resources.

The DSLR Video Studio handbook ships late Jan/early Feb available as both printed book and digital editions for ipad or tablet.

Pre order yours now or register for publications dates from http://DSLRVideoStudio.Com